My Journey: How I became a Digital Entrepreneur

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Welcome to my blog. I’m Rituraj Gill, a digipreneur a.k.a. digital entrepreneur in making(because we never stop growing). I’m a firm believer in destiny and always trust, that whatever happens, happens for the greater good.

An extremely fun-loving person, I enjoy living in the moment. Like they say YOLO(You Only Live Once), might as well make the best of this only life you’ve got. Eat, Drink, Sleep, Hustle, Learn, oh and yes Breath as well. That’s the motto of my life!


It’s very difficult to write about your own self, but let’s give it a shot. Well, I see myself as a creative soul with the spirit of an entrepreneur. I’m very fond of doing new things and learning every day.

Routine life is not my cup of tea. I say so because, in my opinion, it’s against evolving. If you keep doing the same thing over and over, how do you evolve or grow?

As a professional, I’m very fond of networking and building relationships across the world & I think this passion has the ability to take you places.

Talking about business verticals; From running business operations to handling customers to in-depth technical backend stuff, I’ve been exposed to pretty much all.

Of all this, believe me, Facing people is the roughest and toughest part of all.


  • Post-Graduate in Business Management from IMT-CDL(2008)
  • Sound Engineering Diploma from OIART, Canada(2007)
  • Engineering in Electronics & Communications from BSAITM(2006)

Work Experience

Working since almost 2007, I’ve been in core marketing with significant telecom companies for more than 5 years, in events & PR for nearly 1.5 years, imports & exports for almost a year, forex & stock trading for about a year, digital marketing for almost 2 years and restaurants & hospitality for nearly 2 years before corona came and shut it all.

In my last digital marketing job, I was handling the Strategic Alliances & Partnerships for an Indian E-Commerce company in the North America & Europe region, where I had lots of exposure in the digital marketing world and hence this website.

The reality check that the Coronavirus gave us all, made it clear that Digital is the only future and will keep the world together in the times to come. And that was my inspiration to add the digital to my entrepreneurial journey.

Last year(2021), I joined Comparingly as a partner, a growing platform that aims to help small businesses with reviews and comparisons of services important for their business operations.

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Mentioned below are a few business solutions that we’ve worked extensively on including the design aspect of small business needs as well as hosting needs.

All of these and much more would be covered in this digital marketing blog as well, as we move forward. I’ll try and cover all my learnings through the years which would cover the various sub-verticals of digital marketing, how to start a blog, how to make money online and become your own boss.

The Lifetime Deals Shop

Similarly, 2022 brought The LTD Shop a.k.a. The Lifetime Deals Shop as well. This platform aims at making SaaS Lifetime Deals available to bootstrapped digital marketers and small business owners for less so that they can focus more on building their businesses.

I hope this blog inspires my readers and they are able to make the most of it. Learn from the mistakes I did and get a jumpstart in your digital career. If you need any help use the contact me page and I’d be happy to help you out.


Though an engineer by qualification, I have a profound interest in the medical and spiritual dimensions. I’m also a certified Reiki Practitioner(Level 2) & have recently learned Gemstone Healing in the 2020 lockdown. I can now combine my gemstones knowledge with Chakra-based Reiki Healing.

I also have a keen interest in and keep learning about various medical sciences. I have sound knowledge about Homoeopathy, Ayurved, Acupressure & Acupuncture therapy for the treatment of lifestyle diseases.

I enjoy almost all genres of Music and wish to advance my guitar playing skills to the intermediate level & also work on my sound production skills.

P.S. If you think Out of the Box, we could be good friends 🙂

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